We are a non-profit community of dancers dedicated to bringing the energy, technique and vocabulary of Blues, WCS and other dance traditions together within the SF Peninsula and South Bay areas.

South Bay Fusion

Weekly Blues-Fusion Dance

We have a weekly lesson and dance on Thursdays:

  • 7p - Beginning Blues Foundation Workshop
  • 8p - All-Levels Lesson w/ Guest Instructor
  • 9p-1:30a - Dancing!

  • $12 for Lesson + Dance
  • $10 Dance Only

$8 for Lesson + Dance - if you arrive before 7:00!

Note: if you are new to Blues dancing - wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Blues is a very grounded dance; shoes should provide good traction, yet allow you to easily turn/pivot.

Come join us, and see what synergy develops when Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, and Slow Lindy meet to dance Contemporary Blues!

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Get in free by volunteering!