We are a non-profit community of dancers dedicated to bringing the energy, technique and vocabulary of Blues, WCS and other dance traditions together within the SF Peninsula and South Bay areas.

South Bay Fusion

Weekly Blues-Fusion Dance

We have a weekly lesson and dance on Thursdays.


see: Temporary New Location

The normal location where we host SBF (The Napa Dance Club) has been closed for repairs - so for the interim, we've been dancing at other locations, which are posted in our weekly invites in our SBF Facebook Group.

So far, we've not missed a Thursday since we started back in March of 2011; hopefully, we'll maintain that record! In the mean time, please be patient with us:

  • Our invites have been going out last minute, as we are negotiating for facilities on a week-to-week basis, and generally don't have a confirmed location until the night before.
  • We normally welcome all ages to our dance, but since some of our temporary locations are bars/clubs with 20+ restrictions, we unfortunately are unable to accomodate everyone. Please do know that we value ALL our dancers, and are looking to resolve this!
  • SBF prides itself on our audio quality, but we have less control over that in some of the locations we're using.
  • Due to the cost of some of these temporary locations, we will not always be able to run as long a night as we normally do - we may need to skip our 7p workshop and/or cut our After Hours short. Please check our Facebook group/invites.

Despite the fact that these other locations are charging us far more than NDC, we are not raising our fees at this time - so we really appreciate you inviting your dancing friends to join us, to help cover our extra costs!


No one in the SBF team receives payment for organizing, hosting, teaching, DJ'g. All of our income goes to paying for facilities, security (when required), 8p guest instructors, guest DJs, occasional live music, food, and audio/facilities improvements.

The following information represents our normal schedule; please see our weekly Facebook invites for current information.

  • 7p - Beginning Blues Foundation Workshop
  • 8p - All-Levels Lesson w/ Guest Instructor
  • 9p-1:30a - Dancing!

  • $12 for Lesson + Dance
  • $10 Dance Only

$8 for Lesson + Dance - if you arrive before 7p and attend our Foundational Workshop!

Note: if you are new to Blues dancing - wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Blues is a very grounded dance; shoes should provide good traction, yet allow you to easily turn/pivot.

Come join us, and see what synergy develops when Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, and Slow Lindy meet to dance Contemporary Blues!

Stay informed of our events by joining our SBF Facebook Group

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