We are a non-profit community of dancers dedicated to bringing the energy, technique and vocabulary of Blues, WCS and other dance traditions together within the SF Bay Area.

South Bay Fusion

The Original Bay Area Weekly Blues-Fusion Dance

We have a weekly dance every Thursday; we usually have lessons, and occasionally live music!


Due to Covid-19, we have instituted procedures to increase the safety of our dance community:

  • Our check-in process involves scanning your SMART/FHIR Covid-19 Vaccination QR Code to digitally verify your full vaccination status. We do NOT accept vaccination cards or other printed documentation. Information on getting your QR Code is at VizCat

  • You can help us streamline our process by registering on VizCat, activating your email for contact tracing, scanning/testing and linking your QR Code.

  • You must wear unvented (K)N95 mask over your nose and mouth for the duration of your visit. Food/beverages will not be provided on the event floor.

    For more info on QR Codes and Out-of-State Visitors, see our Covid-19 FAQ

    If you you'd like to receive our announcements and weekly invites, join our SBF Facebook Group.

    Community Support

    We continue to manage SBF, upgrading hardware, developing QR Code software - your continueed support is much appreciated!



    No one in the SBF team receives payment for organizing, hosting, teaching, DJ'g. All of our income goes to paying for facilities, 8p guest instructors, guest DJs, occasional live music, food, insurance, and audio/facilities improvements.