South Bay Fusion

The Original SF Bay Area Weekly Blues-Fusion Dance

We are a non-profit community of dancers dedicated to bringing the energy, technique and vocabulary of Blues, WCS and other dance traditions together within the SF Bay Area.

After 13 years of wonderful dancing, SBF has decided to end our amazing run.

Our final weekly dance was on January 4, 2024; our final 13th Anniversary Farewell Dance was on March 7, 2024.

This from our 13th Anniversary Farewell Dance: March 7th 2024


We've been asked if there's still a way for people to donate to South Bay Fusion and our community.

There is! Please visit our Donation page.

No promises, but if there's enough interest/support, we may consider doing SBF dances on an annual basis. We will continue to support the broader community in building safe/welcoming dances.


South Bay Fusion was the first weekly Blues-Fusion dance in the SF Bay Area, and possibly the first on the West Coast.

We've worked with other Bay Area organizers to establish and promote safe and welcoming communities with published Code of Conducts, workshops, and groups for discussing best practices of dealing with abusive dancers.

South Bay Fusion set the groundwork for the "Fusion" scene that exploded afterwards: curating a Blues-Fusion sound and the safe/welcoming space that our community established.

At the start of Covid, we established metrics to determine when dances should stop, and when it would be safe to restart. We created a cloud/mobile app (VizCat) that provided contact tracing across venues, scanned/verified digitally-signed vaccination QR Codes used by the US, Canada, EU, UK, Israel, and Australia.

During the Covid shutdown, we continued to operate online video dances. After the shutdown, we helped establish the conditions under which it would be safe to dance in close embrace.

Our entire team is proud of the experiences/history we supported for our dance community over the years.