South Bay Fusion is primarily funded by generous Donors!


SBF Donors and Sponsors

While we accept payment at our events to cover the cost of instructors, DJs, occasional bands, equipment and site improvements - the bulk of our expenses (rent, insurance, licensing) comes from generous Sponsor-level donors.

Donors pay $1200/yr and receive admittance to all SBF events for themselves and a guest for that year. Sponsors pay $600 and receive admittance to all SBF events for themselves. If you would like to become an SBF Donor or Sponsor, let us know!

Current SBF Donors:

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Paul Menage
  • Ben Livengood
  • Maggie Moreno
  • Scott Lacy
  • Bryne Ulmschneider
  • Gaurav Lochan
  • Bob Free


    SBF Donations

    Beyond sponsorship, SBF accepts donations in general, and specifically for our online virtual events. Any amount is appreciated!



    Volunteers get in free for that event: Greeters, Set-up and Tear-down volunteers.

    Let us know ahead of time if you can volunteer to help out.


    SBF Team

    The SBF Team has never accepted payment for organizing, hosting, teaching, DJ'g.

    We do pay our guest instructors and DJs.

    SBF is the great experience that it is because of our amazing community and SBF Team.

    If you are in a place where you have the time/resources to give back to the community, please consider becoming a part of our SBF Team.

    Open Roles:

  • Co-Host - help organize set-up, monitor safety, and optionally teach our 7p foundational lesson.

  • After Hours Host - line up DJs for our After Hours set (after midnight), optionally DJ, help tear-down and close up.

  • Volunteer Coordindator - coordinate/train greeters, fill in for empty slots.