Blues Dance Instructors

The SF Bay Area features some excellent Blues dance instructors. Most give group instructions; some are available for private lessons, as well:

Blues, Tango
Ruth is a professional dance instructor, performer, choreographer and director - having studied music and dance at University of Oregon.
Ruth Hoffman See also: SF Blues Supply, We Just Dance
     Blues, Lindy, Ballroom
Andrew has been teaching Blues dance since 2006, and won 1st place in the Strictly Blues contest at Emerald City Blues Festival in 2008 and 2009.
Andrew Smith
Blues, Lindy
Heidi has been teaching Blues and Lindy around the world since 1999, with a focus on American vernacular jazz dances.
Heidi Fite
Ted hosts Beat The Blues in Berkeley, and regularly teaches at Shades of Blues and Friday Night Blues in San Francisco.
Ted Maddry See also: Beat The Blues
Dexter has been Blues dancing since 2005, winning 1st place at many Blues dance competitions - with a focus on the soul and musicality of Blues roots.
Dexter Santos
Shannon teaches Blues dancing and DJ's at South Bay Fusion, and DJ's at Shades of Blues.
Shannon Woods
David & Lauren teach Blues dancing at Friday Night Blues, Shades of Blues, South Bay Fusion, and other local Blues events.
David Shackelford and Lauren Henry
     Blues, Lindy
Michelle has been studying various forms of dance for over 18 years, and has been a Blues competition champion at Blues Shout since 2007.
Michelle Richter
Woody teaches the Tips For Blues session at South Bay Fusion.
Woody Szabo