Blues Dance DJs

The SF Bay Area features some excellent Blues and Fusion DJs:

Blues, Tango, Hip-Hop
Ruth teaches/choreographs Blues dancing, hosts Shades of Blues, and plays a wonderful mix of traditional and contemporary Blues/Fusion music.
Ruth Hoffman
     Blues, Fusion
Adam plays Blues harmonica, dances Blues/Swing, is an excellent Blues/Fusion DJ - and is always in demand at Bay Area Blues dance venues and house parties.
Adam Lewis
Blues, Fusion
Rose teaches Lindy and dances Blues/Swing, plays a creative fusion of Blues/Contemporary music, and DJs at most Bay Area Blues dance venues.
Rose Connally
     Blues, Fusion
Alex dances Blues and DJs Blues/Fusion music at Beat The Blues and South Bay Fusion.
Alex Shamis
Blues, Fusion, WCS
Bob plays Blues guitar, dances a fusion of Jazz/Blues/WCS/ECS/Hustle, hosts South Bay Fusion, and DJs contemporary Blues/Fusion & WCS music.
Bob Free
Anne Marie plays Blues harmonica, dances Blues, and DJs traditional Blues music.
Anne Marie Jackson